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5 April

End of the tax year.

6 April

Tax returns for the year to 5 April in a given year will be issued from this date.

31st July

Second payment on account due for Self Employed.

31st October

        Tax returns completed on paper must be returned by midnight on this date.

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30th December

        If you are an employee owing less than £3,000 and wish to have your payment     

     collected through an adjustment to your PAYE tax code this is

     the deadline for the on-line submission of your Self Assessment tax return.


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31 January

Final date by which all other Self Assessment tax returns must have been submitted on-line.  

Deadline for paying Self Assessments final/balancing payment and first Self Assessment payment on account for the current tax year .

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Key Tax Year Dates 2014-15

The following are the important dates to remember

Key Dates