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VAT Returns from £75

At TaxClever we understand that time is precious to a growing busy business and that often there are not enough hours in the day. VAT is however one charge that must be dealt with promptly, and whether you are a new growing business or one already submitting VAT returns we are here to help you.

Once registered for VAT you will be required to make regular returns, normally at quarterly intervals.  It is worth noting that missing payment deadlines brings with it surcharges that range from 2 – 15% of the missed VAT payment so its wise to ensure you keep to schedule.

With our knowledge and experience we can to guide you thorough the process from registration to completing the returns and ensure that you apply the correct VAT rate. Alternatively we can do this for you acting on your behalf with HMRC. TaxClever can also advise you on the suitability of the various VAT schemes such as the Flat Rate Scheme.


Charges vary depending on the work involved.  We charge either our standard hourly rate or we can give you a fixed quote for the work involved so you know the costs up front.