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What Books and Records do I have to keep?

If you are self-employed, either full or part time as a sole trader or in partnership your basic records must include all details of sales and takings and a record of all your purchases and expenses.

In most cases these will normally be invoices for work you have done, receipts for payments made, bank and credit card statements plus any other records you keep such as a bookings diary and mileage travelled.

If you receive income from property then again as with a sole trader or partner, (above) you will need to keep a record of all your income including who paid you, and details of all your purchases and expenses.

If you are an employee then you must keep all your P60’s, (annual statement of wages and tax deducted), P45 part 1A’s, (provided by your employer when you leave a job), details of any benefits in kind you receive such as a company car and of any redundancy or termination payments.  If you claim expenses that are not reimbursed by your employer you will need full details with receipts.

In addition to these records everyone who receives interest from savings or dividends needs to keep details of the amount received and any tax deducted no matter how small.

The overriding rule is if you receive money then you need to keep a record of it.

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